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Stibbard Crossroads Wild Meadow Project

This project was initiated in September 2019 by Natural Gardens’ Barley Wilson to create a more species-rich grassland in the small field at the Stibbard crossroads. It is supported by members of the Ryburgh Wildlife Group and a group of interested Stibbard residents. 


Barley reported last spring that new plants which were put in the ground during Autumn 2020 suffered from the bad drought that spring and growth was limited, most flowered and seeded early and low. There was still evidence of  vetches, meadow vetchling, smooth tare, ox-eye daisies, selfheal, etc. Plenty of interesting grasses too.


Along the far hedgerows from opposite the gate up towards the Norwich road there were a scattering of bee orchids. Also evident were  whitethroats and lesser whitethroats in the hedgerows. Last spring Barley took naturalist Nick Acheson there to identify the masses of grasshoppers and crickets, and he spotted field, meadow, lesser marsh, and common green grasshoppers, and Roesel’s bush cricket. This diversity of wildlife species is associated with meadows and thick hedgerows, and shows how valuable even small habitat improvement projects can be.


Following the removal of the hay crop this past summer there are autumn work parties for wildflower planting, bramble management, and hedge trimming. If you want to take part contact Barley Wilson (


View of Stibbard Parish
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