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Parish Councillors


Bill Aldridge - Chair

Bill has lived in the village for over six years.  Bill is self employed, running a couple of businesses including home maintenance company and also buys and sells antique and vintage items.

Bill's main hobby is bird watching and making pottery having acquired his first potters wheel this year!

Bill joined the Parish Council two years ago and is eager to get more involved in helping out in the village wherever he can.

Tony Hender - Vice Chair

Tony has lived in the village since 1987 and is married with two grown up children and six grandchildren.  He worked for many years in the horticultural industry as a plant breeder and company director.   Since retiring he has combined his love of philately and business and is to be seen at stamp fairs throughout the UK selling stamps to other collectors.   As well as philately, Tony enjoys walking his two dogs, a spot of gardening and spending time with his family.

Stephen Coomber

Stephen has lived in the Stibbard for over 20 years. He is a semi-retired clothing and textile designer, and has lived and worked abroad and in this country, for large and small Fashion and Home wear companies as well as his own businesses.

Stephens hobbies, apart from versions of his professional work, are cycling, archery and carpentry.

Stephen joined the Parish Council last year and is eager to assist in any projects that help to build and unify our community.

Steve Mayes

Although Steve and his wife only moved to Stibbard 2 years ago, both have a long association with the area spanning over 50 years. Now semi-retired, Steve, most recently, worked in international real estate and held senior positions in the Middle East and Asia. Steve spends most of his spare time renovating his recently acquired Micawber Cottage or trying to keep the garden under reasonable control. He also enjoys exploring the north Norfolk coastline and long walks, so long as there is a pub involved.

The primary motivation for becoming a Councillor was to make a positive contribution to the village community and to pursue an agenda of sustainable improvements to the village for the benefit of all residents and visitors.

Brian Taylor

Brian has lived in the village for over 12 years, whilst medically retired he spent many years in the security profession including investigations. Among his interests are model railways, Air rifle shooting including pest control, and fishing.

New member to the parish council in a bid to give back to the community he has come to enjoy very much.

Colin Clayton

The Role of a Councillor


They are elected to represent the interest of the local community as a whole and promote a harmonious local environment. The number of elected Councillors depends on the size of the area, in Stibbard we are able to have 7 Councillors.


Local Councils are the first tier of governance and are the first point of contact for anyone concerned with a community issue. They are democratically elected local authorities and exist in England, Wales and Scotland. The term 'Local Council' is synonymous with ' Parish Council, 'Town Council' and 'Community Council'.


Local Councils are made up of locally  elected Councillors. They are legally obliged to hold at least four meetings a year.  Most meet on a monthly cycle to discuss council business and hear from local residents.  District and County Councillors regularly attend parish meetings and report at the Annual Parish meeting. Councillors are expected to attend meetings on a regular basis.​

Councillors must abide by a Code of Conduct, a set of rules on how Councillors are expected to behave. They must also declare their financial interests in the parish, details of which are kept by the District Council.

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